…to 24-96 Mastering, high end studio and home to Grammy nominated mastering engineer Robin Schmidt. This is the last stop in the production of your record before manufacturing or digital distribution. We make sure your tracks sound their absolute best!



24-96 Mastering was founded in 2002, offering mastering of the highest standard, in a state-of-the-art facility built on a no-compromise philosophy. Almost a decade later, the objective hasn’t changed: to provide every client with a perfect sounding master, every time.

Besides working with stereo recordings, 24-96 Mastering are experts with surround sound and high resolution audio for formats such as DVD, SACD and Blu-Ray.



Mastering engineer: Robin Schmidt

Robin Schmidt played the drums from the age of 9, the guitar from the age of 12 and was recording 8-track demos at the age of 14. During his youth, he played in a big band, a jazz quartet, pop, rock, ska and even death metal bands while recording anyone and anything, from Britpop to Ukranian Fusion Jazz, from Armenian Folk Music to German Krautrock.

He left school to take up the job of resident engineer at Studio-22 in Germany, before studying at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Here his passion for mastering developed. He began mastering recordings for fellow students, but soon progressed to working with national and international clients.

Fast forward to 2002, when Robin set up 24-96 Mastering. Since then he has put the finishing touches to thousands of recordings across all genres, for major and indie labels all over the world.

Robin has been nominated for a Grammy, has mastered gold and multi platinum selling records, Albums of the Year as credited by IFPI and the UK Music Producers Guild, as well as Number 1 hits in several countries. More importantly, Robin is deeply passionate about sound and takes pride in investing every possible effort to serve the music, and the client, with a perfect master.