Testimonials & Correspondence

Mike Crossey, producer & mixer

The best mastering engineer for me at any price is Robin Schmidt at 24-96 Mastering. I have used all the major mastering studios but Robin just nails it every time. Powerful and punchy masters with dynamics and drama intact. Radio 1 are loving his masters with many being playlisted over the last few years. He is also a gentleman and can usually articulate what I want better than I can. I can’t recommend him enough.

Mike Crossey, producer & mixer Jake Bugg, Razorlight, Arctic Monkeys, Blood Red Shoes, The 1975

Guy Massey, engineer

I managed to listen to the mastered album this week. Sounds great… really, really good, thanks a lot!

Guy Massey, engineer The Beatles, The Coral, Manic Street Preachers, James Blunt
David McDonnell, musician

The album got 4 stars in Q & Mojo … it says “these songs sound fantastic for an 8 track recording”. Any sound credits all flows back to you :)

David McDonnell, musician Noel Gallagher, The Sand Band, Richard Ashcroft
James Lewis, producer

Outstanding master Robin :) The tracks sound absolutely fantastic, you’ve done an amazing job, thank you very much!!

James Lewis, producer Di-Rect, The Wombats, Cajun Dance Party, Simon Webbe
Richard File, musician & producer

Thanks so much for all your hard work. It sounds amazing!

Richard File, musician & producer UNKLE, We Fell To Earth
Sinan Akçıl, artist & producer

Thank you so much for this amazing work. You’re the best mastering engineer in Europe.

Sinan Akçıl, artist & producer Hande Yener, Hadise, Mustafa Sandal, izel

John Leckie, producer

The mastered mixes sound awesome! We’re all really pleased and excited with what you’re doing..

John Leckie, producer The Coral, Radiohead, Stone Roses, XTC, Muse
Moritz Enders, mixer & producer

The master sounds fantastic, it’s absolutely perfect!

Moritz Enders, mixer & producer Johannes Oerding, Kraftklub, Jupiter Jones, Silly, Bakkushan
Rocky O

Robin, Thanks for this. It sounds MASSIVE. Really punchy and more aggressive than my listening mix. Tighter, snappier all the good words!… I’m very excited by your master. This is without a doubt the most amazing mastering experience I’ve ever encountered. Truly, I’ve never had a service like this, ever. Not even close.

Rocky O'Reilly, producer & engineer And So I Watch You From Afar, In Case Of Fire
Jochen Naaf, producer, mixer & songwriter

Fantastic job! Sounds really, really awesome!

Jochen Naaf, producer, mixer & songwriter Polarkreis 18, PeterLicht, Bosse, Bakkushan
Pelle Gunnerfeldt, producer & mixer

Amazing work. It truly made my day. You continue to prove your excellent skills. Haven’t heard from any of the others involved. I don’t have anything to say though. More than … I love you!

Pelle Gunnerfeldt, producer & mixer The Hives, Herrenmagazin, Honningbarna, The Robocop Kraus
Philip Bennefall, producer & engineer

This man is an audio expert. In a few hours he turned my rather dull and fairly inconsistent sounding recording into a work of art. It now sounds crystal clear, comparing my original to the finished master; it’s like night and day. If you need a professional, dedicated engineer who will do his utmost to see to it that your project sounds the very best it can, Robin is your best bet by a long way. Combine his expertise with a speedy, friendly service… It’s really not a hard choice.

Philip Bennefall, producer & engineer BlastBay Studios